Police Department

Colonel Keith L. Williams, Ph.D., Chief of Police

Col KL Williams, Chief of Police

Col KL Williams, Chief of Police

I have been a Law Enforcement Officer for over three decades. During this time, it has been an honor to serve and protect the citizens of the communities I that I have been assigned. Police work is difficult and not for everyone. The inherent danger and daily challenges can be very stressful. I believe that as Police Officers we have a duty to provide a high level of professionalism and always be agents who serve the community with honor and excellent customer service.

My career has allowed me to work in a diverse range of assignments. From patrolman to detective and from academy instructor to commander. In the current climate, it is important for Law Enforcement Officers to build bridges with the community and to work diligently to stop the erosion of trust that exist between the community and the Police Department.

As Chief of Police for the City of Kinloch it is my duty to make sure that the needs of the citizens are met. My duty is to also make sure that the Officers under my command provide the Kinloch citizens the level of service that is exemplary and without bias.


Email the chief @ – kpdchief@kinlochmo.org

Call the Police Department Directly at 314-455-3197