Mayor & Board of Aldermen


The Board of Aldermen consists of a Mayor and four Alderman at large which are elected for four year terms. As elected officials, they are responsible for setting policies for the City and passing ordinances that have the full force of law.

The Board of Aldermen meets on the third Tuesday of each quarter at 7:00 pm.  To view the City calendar Click Here.


Darren K. Small

Darren K. Small was born and raised in Kinloch, MO. He is one of five children born to Robert & Gloria Stewart both whom currently reside in Kinloch. A lifelong citizen of this community, Darren and his wife, Jayna (President of the Kinloch Fire Protection Board), have eight children and five grandchildren.

Darren began his career in public service as a volunteer member of the Kinloch Fire Protection District (KFPD) just out of high school. While serving with the KFPD as Assistant Chief, Darren ran for the office of Alderman for the 2nd Ward. He won this seat in 2007 and was re-elected in 2011. Choosing to continue to answer the call to public service rather than turning his back during a very difficult time in the City’s history, Darren ran for and won the office of Mayor in 2012.

Darren currently serves as the Mayor for the City of Kinloch while at the same time serving as the Chief of the KFPD. He works tirelessly to repair the City of Kinloch’s name and reputation by striking new development deals and exploring new construction opportunities within the city. Darren is a dedicated public servant who understands and accepts the challenges that lie in front of him in rebuilding Kinloch and is not afraid to put in all the work needed to keep Kinloch moving in the right direction.

Board of Aldermen

Helen Jones-Fryer
Julian C. Wells
Evelyn Carter
Darryl Dixson